With this app, you can backup your apps, contacts, SMS, and call logs to your memory

In this post, I came up with a very useful app for every Android user. The app allows a user to backup his files to his memory card to avoid loss, especially during formatting the phone, and later he can easily restore them back.

The name of the app is "All Backup & Restore." Users can backup and restore apps, contacts, SMS, call logs, and calendar events.
Safely Backup and Restore: Protect your important data with our top-rated backup and restore tool. Your internal storage can be easily protected and restored for your programs, contacts, text messages, call logs, and calendars.

- Check that your external SD card contains the default backup folder before performing a factory reset or switching phones. If not, for a smooth transition, copy the full backup folder (called "AllBackup" by default) to your external SD card.
- Please be aware that our backup and restore capabilities do not include media assets like pictures or movies.
- Restore can only restore data that has been backed up using this application; it cannot restore data that has already been removed.

Download right away to enjoy the comfort and security that come with dependable data backup. ๐Ÿ‘‰ Click to install the app

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