How to type in any language: Hausa Arabic and other languages

Today I brought an Android keyboard application that allows you to type in different languages; you can also type in Hausa and Arabic. That keyboard is called "Microsoft SwiftKey."

The intelligent keyboard from Microsoft, SwiftKey, adapts to your writing style so you can type more quickly.
Emoji, GIFs, and stickers may be sent and typed using your customized keyboard.

Your lingo, nicknames, and emoji will all be recognized by the Microsoft SwiftKey swipe keyboard, which is constantly learning and adjusting to match your individual typing style.

Microsoft SwiftKey offers free styles and themes to suit every typing preference. The personalized keyboard offers autocorrect that truly functions. Microsoft SwiftKey offers useful predictions to help you communicate clearly and quickly. With swipe-to-type, tap-to-type, and searchable emoticons and GIFs, you may type and text anyway you choose.

How to add another languages in the keyboard

- Go to settings

- Click on languages

- You'll see all the available languages; click on the one you want to add to the keyboard, and the language will automatically download and be added to the keyboard.
When you want to switch to another language on your keyboard, click and hold the space key, then drag it to the right or left. Note that some languages work at the same time, i.e., English and Hausa; you can long-click a character to change its style in another language.

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