A private browser with an ad blocker for anonymous internet use

Do you want to browse the web secretly? This Android app for the Private Browser features a powerful ad blocker, a quick video downloader, and extensive video support. You can use it to browse the internet secretly. Everything you have done in the Private Browser, including your history, cookies, and sessions, will be deleted each time you close it. This is the best way to use the Incognito browser to browse the web anonymously since after you close the program, no one will be able to tell who or why you used it, making it a truly private browser. A private browser with several features, Incognito Browser is always in an anonymous or private mode.


- No data at all is saved an actual Free Private Browser
All information and history are deleted when the app is closed. When you click Home, Exit, or Close, everything that is now happening in the browser is deleted. Its superiority as a private browser is due to this.

- Be Secretive
Nothing is kept on the phone thanks to this Free Private Browser. only the files you downloaded; no browsing history or cache.

- The AdBlocker
You may now watch your favorite material without being disturbed by adverts thanks to the recently included AdBlocker in our free Private Browser.

- Night Mode
For internet browsing at night, this Free Private Browser offers a true dark UI.

- Quick Downloader
To download things even faster while browsing the internet anonymously, we have integrated the new fast downloader.

- Online search tools
Google, Bing, and Yandex are just a few of the search engines supported by Incognito Browser. While Google is the default Private Browser, you can change it in the settings.

- Supports agent cloaking; sites no longer require a mobile browser!
Make websites believe that you are accessing them from a different hidden browser. The best feature of this free private browser is that it has been made even more secure.

- Minimalist design with plenty of room for browsing
Enjoy maximum space for your incognito browsing experience with Incognito Browser without any clutter or unnecessary bars.

- The app does not include any first-party or third-party trackers. Your data is protected from leaking.

- From the Settings page of the Incognito Browser, you can activate or disable images.

- The Incognito Browser's options allow you to enable or disable Javascript.

- Since you are using an anonymous browser, there are no longer any tailored adverts.

Continue using Incognito or Private Browser to protect your privacy and browse in total secrecy. Click download to install the app πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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