With this app, you can get a dollar card for online transactions and subscriptions

Due to the problems we are facing with our Nigerian Naira card when making international transactions, I decided to bring this app, which will solve the problem.

We all know that the Nigerian Naira cards are no longer working in international transactions; you must get a dollar card if you want to buy something online or pay a subscription.

Getting a dollar card can take time; it can take up to two weeks, but it's the best option. But before you get it, or if you don't want to spend your time just opening a dollar account and getting a dollar card, there are many applications that will give you a dollar easily.

The app I brought you today is one of them; with it, you can get a dollar card very easily for your international transactions. The app is called "Chipper Cash."

Chipper Cash allows you to send and receive money to, from, and across Africa with no fees. If you're in Nigeria, your account will be in naira, and you can apply for a dollar card within the app if you want to make international transactions.

When your dollar card is ready, you can easily fund it from your naira account. Chipper Cash will convert the naira (at the black market rate) and deposit it into the card.

This is a very important app for those who make international transactions.

Click to install the app.

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