Do you know you can transfer files between computer and phone without using a USB cable?

Today I'll talk about a very useful app called "WiFi FTP Server." 

This app allows you to transfer files between your computer and your phone without using a USB cable. All you need is this app to connect your computer to your phone wirelessly. 

If you connect your phone with your computer and start the application, you'll get a code that you'll copy and enter in your file explorer. After that, you'll see your phone's storage on your computer, from which you can transfer files between them. 

If you want your SD card to appear on your computer, you need to set it in that app setting: 

On Android 5.0 and higher, to access an external SD card, in app settings, click mount folder, select "custom," and then select the external SD card in the next screen. 

Watch this video to learn how to access the SD card.👇

Steps to use the app:

1. Connect to the WiFi network and open the app.

2. Click the start button.

3. Key in the server URL in a FTP client or Windows Explorer and transfer files.

Click to download the app now.

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