How to send any application from your android device to another

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Today I bring you an application that will allow you to share any application from your Android device to another, because nowadays some applications cannot be shared through Xender; you cannot even see them in the apps list when you open your Xender app.
But with the help of this application, you can share those applications that cannot be shared to another device.  The name of the application is "Apk Share."
 Apk Share is an app manager that helps share, uninstall, backup, and manage apps.

Below is the lists of what you can do with the app:
Apk Sharer - Send Apk/Link
Using this app you can send apk or play store link easily by :
- Bluetooth
- Whatsapp
- Email
NFC, etc.
It also gives you information about app sizes for transfer.
Easy Uninstaller: Multiple Quick Uninstallers
App will help you find the last installed, larger applications and uninstall them easily in one click. You can also manage system apps, but without root permissions, it's not possible to uninstall them.
App Backup: The Easiest Backup Tool
Bulk Backup your apps to an SD card. Free up your device's storage! faster and smaller.
- Multiple Apk Share: Transfer apps over Bluetooth, email, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.
- Multiple App Uninstall: Uninstall multiple apps faster with just one click.
- Multiple App Backup: Save multiple apk files to your SD card in one click.
- Copy multiple apps Link to Clipboard.
- Auto Apk Refresher: Refreshes App List on New Install or Uninstall.
- Quick Sort: Sort by Name, Install Date, and Size.
- View App on Play Store.
- Launch Selected Application.
- Show System Applications.
- A Sweet and Usable Interface.
- Quick Search: Search your application easily by name.
- Simple Animations.
- App Informer: Shows selected and all application counts and sizes based on your search filter.
- Used Permissions: Shows used permissions by app.
▪️You cannot uninstall a system application if root permissions do not exist.
▪️If you are not seeing an app on the list, try using the Show System Apps option.

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