How to reduce data consumption on your android device

May the peace, blessings, and mercy of Allah be upon you

With the help of the two apps I brought you today, you can reduce data consumption on your Android device.
Many people have experienced difficulties learning how to reduce data consumption on their devices, but in this post you'll learn how to do it in a simple way.
You have to know that every time you turn on your data, most of the applications on your device consume your data, even if you don't open them. The work in the background
This is the reason that your data will finish quickly. The simple way to end this problem is to turn off Internet access for all applications that you will not use during that time and leave it on for only the applications that you need to use.
This is where this application will help you; it allows you to block the Internet access of any applications on your device.
There are two applications; you can use either one, but they have different features. You can test them and choose the ones you want.

1. Net Guard: Click here to install
2. Net Blocker: Click here to install

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