How to find a lost Android device

Today we'll show you how to find a lost Android device and even know the thief who stole it. It's very simple to find a lost Android phone. Just follow us till the end of this post.
There are two applications you need to install and set up on your device: the first is to see the photo of anyone trying to unlock your phone, and the second is to track your lost phone and control it easily.
When you install them on your phone and set them up, if anyone tries to unlock your phone, the first app will take his photo and send it to your registered email. The name of the app is Lockwatch. Click here to download it.
When your phone gets lost and you already have the "Find My Device" app on it, which is the second application, and you set it up, what you are going to do is get another phone, download the Find My Device app, and sign in with the Gmail account that you registered on your lost phone. After you signed in, you can now see the current location of your lost phone. You can track it, unlock it, and make it sound from the app.
This is how to find a lost Android device in a simple way. Click here to download the app.
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