The importance of two-step verification on your social media accounts and how to set it up

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Today we'll talk about the importance of two-step verification on your social media account and how you can set it up.

Two-step verification will add additional security to your account. Your account will be more secure.

Prior to the widespread use of smartphones, internet users only required their username or email address and password to log into their accounts online. This makes the two-step verification process crucial.

The expertise of hackers as well as the rise in password theft become a serious and pressing threat. Moreover, hackers could access potentially susceptible accounts using bots created specifically for the purpose of stealing account credentials.

Thankfully, customers may now set up the two-step verification method for their accounts on many web and mobile services. Other times, the procedure is required.

To set up two-step verification on any social media account, simply go to the settings, then go to the Security and Login page, or Privacy and Security in some social media, and from there you can find a two-step verification option. Click to set it up.

In some social media accounts, you can set up two-step verification with your phone number only, which means you will receive an SMS code to your number any time you log in to your account, while in other accounts, you can set up two-step verification in two ways: with your phone number or a third-party security app like Google Authenticator.

If you want to set up two-step verification with your phone number, when you turn it on, an SMS code will be sent to your number if you already linked your number with your account; if you haven't linked it, it will prompt you to enter your phone number.

If you prefer to set it up with Google Authenticator, a key will be given to you. You have to copy the key and open the Google Authenticator app and add your account to it by giving it a name and entering the key you copied from your social media account. When you've finished adding your account to the Google Authenticator app, it will start generating codes for your account. Copy the code and go back to your social media account; you'll see a place provided to enter the code, then click OK. You have now set up two-step verification for your account.

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